In Brief

Griyaton is a manufacturing company, a pioneer of high quality precast manufacturers in Indonesia. Established since 1981, until now Griyaton products have graced hundreds of tall buildings in Jakarta and various cities in Indonesia.

The high quality standards that characterize the Griyaton products are produced by the application of integrated computer technology, Quality plan in beginning of work, Quality control to ensure implementation of Quality Plan in every stage of process since Product design, Material procurement, Production Process, Delivery until Installation and supported by experienced and skilled human resources, making Griyaton as a full service company to realize the dream of architectural and interior that emphasize the strength and aesthetic aspects becomes a proud reality. We put forward excellent service standards by always caring for the needs of clients

Since 2016 Griyaton was acquired by PT PP Urban, subsidiary of PT PP (Persero) Tbk, further strengthening Griyaton's position as a market leader in facing the future of Indonesia's growing construction industry.

Griyaton member of

Vision & Mission



Being a profitable company by creating sustainable benefit for the stakeholder



Produce a Qualified Product


Developing high performing HR and corporate culture


Optimizing profitable business growth strategies to increase shareholder value


Establish mutual cooperation with business and work partners

Provide optimal added value for society and environment

Griyaton Milestone


Established 1981
Production facility setup line 2&3, made in Germany


Become a Pioneer Precast Concrete
In 1986, in line with the growth of high rise building in Jakarta, Griyaton shifted its services to precast concrete manfacture for high rise building and has since become a pioneer and market leader of precast concrete for high rise building in Indonesia


Extend Production line, increase production capacity up to 300.000 m2 with 78 tables consist: circular moving table system, curing chamber, double wall system, wall and slab system, computerized integrated to assure all production process precised


Acquired PT PP Urban
PT PP Urban acquired PT Griyaton from Sintesa Group. This Acquisition action complement business line of PT PP Urban, subsidiary of PT PP (persero) Tbk.
The strategic action will make PT PP Urban be prime player and leader in precast industry in Indonesia

The Company History

Presence in the Most of Landmark Building

PT Griyaton Indonesia was established in 1981. Griyaton plant is built on 3.6 hectares of land in industrial area of B ekasi. At that time, Griyaton factory is equipped with German production facilities which are complete enough for a precast factory in Indonesia with 39 tables production facilities, 2 production lines and with production capacity of 50.000 m2 up to 100.000 m2 per year.

At its inception, from 1981 to 1985, Griyaton focused on precast concrete element products especially wall services for housing development around Jabodetabek.

In 1986, in line with the growth of high rise building in Jakarta, Griyaton shifted its services to precast concrete manufacture for high rise building and has since become a pioneer and market leader of precast concrete for high rise buildings in Indonesia.

In fact it would be very difficult to say that most of the high rise buildings: offices, hotels, apartments, flats, malls, hospitals and factories in Jakarta were built without the participation of PT Griyaton, moreover, landmark buildings in Jalan Sudiman-Thamrin Jakarta

In 2004, Griyaton cooperated with Praton International GmbH, Germany implemented of moving table system technology for nonstructural precast element production by adding production casting table of 39 units and expanding of Production facility area with a new production line with area of 5 ,000 m2 and the addition of storage area of 8 ,000 m2. The production area was equipped with concrete loading equipments in batches and mixing plants of 55 cubic meters per hour and a fully computerized pallet stacker curing system to ensure the quality of controlled concrete. In addition, overhead cranes with a capacity of 8 tons were in use in the transfer of production to the storage area

At present Griyaton production facility is equipped with 3 production lines, 78 casting tables with a production capacity of 300,000 m2 or 30,000 m3 per year. The total production area is 12,000 m2 and total storage area is 15.000 m2. With equipment and production facilities and logistics equipment is quite complete and modern this will ensure the preservation of product quality and speed and efficiency in production and delivery.

In addition to modern technology to ensure product quality, Griyaton has implemented the quality process of ISO 9001; 2008 and has been renewed with ISO 9001; 2015. It is intended that the Quality that has been applied consistently so far will continue for Customer's satisfaction.

Until 2016, Griyaton has completed the work of 240 high rise buildings (towers) and will be many more in the future. Destination Area of work / projects that have been served by Griyaton not only in Jabodetabek Area but have reached other areas either in the cities of Java: Bandung, Surabaya, Solo, Cirebon or in Sumatra : Palembang, Riau and Denpasar Island Bali.

Griyaton can proudly call itself as a pioneer in the application of construction technology, which addresses the challenges of strength aspects and structural precision. To strengthen its position as a pioneer in the application of precast technology. Not only that, the development of architectural and interior design that emphasizes the aesthetics, is also always able to have a solution. And on top of that, Griyaton's precast technology products have also been proven to make building construction faster, more efficient and in a good quality. The fabrication elements are manufactured with the stylized requirements to withstand heavy loads, design and adapt weather conditions. All of them are manufactured with high precision.

Currently we are continuing to develop production system on site location. In addition to increasing the capacity of production capacity, the system is expected to be faster and efficient, which is the estimate of cost rationalization for the client.

Hundreds of skyscrapers built since 1981 still stand still. Precast element is not cracked by heat, nor rotten eaten by rain. It's all proof of our seriousness in quality control, process management as the basis of our company policy for customer satisfaction.