Griyaton is pioneer on applied integrated precast manufacture technology Moving Table Production System. The system aim to optimized production flow and already owned the Praton Patent No.3516477 for invention. In light precast and concrete fiberglass, Griyaton offering the solution for all client needs.
Precision is being keyword of Griyaton production system, based on CNC (Computer Numerical Control). What CNC did is projected CAD drawing to the actual size of precast 3D element to be applied on the work tables sized 12m x 4m panel.
The facility and equipment plann for full automatic operation system to assure highly precised and quality performance. Griyaton precast already delivered to the massive project in Jakarta, mainly half slab and U-Beam. It was practical reason, effective and less cost compare with conventional system in the market.

Integrated Computer Technology
Integrated Computer Technology
Integrated Computer Technology
Integrated Computer Technologym

Design Service

We provide design services to realize client dreams come true. Our design team has long experience with various clients needs. We will be your solution for technical problems.


Line Production

The production process done in integrated systems, with interconnected production line in tight management control. Automated computerized machine tools ensure high precision levels handled by decades experience human resources.


Storing & Delivery

The Griyaton plant facility is equipped with a production storage area of 15,000 m2. With lay out space that facilitates the mobilization, supported by adequate crane transport equipment and special trailers ready to perform delivery tasks. Storing & Delivery The extensive storage area of our products enables us to make arrangements according to customer classification, type and delivery time. It will make tracing the production process easy, both for us and for customers. Systematic storing management, for us, is part of quality control management.


Quality Management

Material Selection
Inhouse Test Laboratory
Stock Yard Management & Deliver
Installation Test


Customer Destination Area

Delivery Mode Land transportation (Truck) & Sea

Greater Jakarta[Jabodetabek]
West Java[Cikarang, Karawang, Bandung, Cirebon]
Central Java[Solo]
East Java[Surabaya]
Sumatera[Pekanbaru, Palembang]
Christmas Island